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    As you have been informed in November last year, the production location of Lion Foods burned down on Monday 13 November 2017. We were greatly saddened by this event. While this situation was an extremely difficult one for all involved, we took measures to ensure we could get started on building a new site straight away. The site is located next to the Top Taste factory. The address is: Kloosterpoort 35, Kapelle, Netherlands.

    Over 1700 piles have been driven into the ground in just three weeks. These piles will serve as the foundations for the new premises. As we want to start producing our crispy onions as soon as possible, part of the site has already been built. The first ovens are set to be installed today, and the roof will be sealed next week. If everything goes according to plan, the factory will be ready to start production once again in February/March 2019.

    We are right on track!
    Of course, production will not stand still in the meantime. While all Crispy Fried Onions are produced in the TOP Taste factory in Kapelle, part of these facilities will now be set up for the specific purpose of producing our French Fried Onions too. We are extremely pleased, as this will enable us to largely guarantee the production of our products going forward. The fantastic weather has really helped us out too. We are right on track! The plan is to be able to produce our first French Fried Onions in the TOP Taste factory in June 2018.

    Lion Foods launches brand new website!

    KAPELLE (THE NETHERLANDS) - With pride we can tell you that as of today our new website is live! You can get to the website via the same URL as before (but now you’ll see a website with a brand new look and feel.

    We chose to create a clear website with a fresh new design, at which we give visitors an idea of the business of Lion Foods. Besides that we think it’s important to inspire people. Therefore we created a section on our website with delicious recipes containing crispy onions. Our website is available in 7 different languages.

    In the mean time we are busy building our new production location. You can expect an update on this soon. Please have a look at our website. We would appreciate it if you could tell us what you think of it. Check it here: .